The Ultimate Guide To Hanoi’s Nightlife

Hanoi’s nightlife used to be pretty low key, but in recent years it has been picking up steam. Most notably the bar scene, but there are a decent amount of clubs now also, both of which are mostly located in the Old Quarter.

Knowing that, how do you find the places that best fit your likes? Read on to find out – on this page I show and describe a variety of Hanoi’s best nightlife venues, so that you can easily find clubs and bars that fit your style.

Hanoi’s Clubs

Whether you’re into classy clubs or backpacker parties, you’ll be able to find venues that float your boat. Read on and take your pick 🙂

Hero Club

While most bars and clubs in Hanoi close by midnight, Hero Bar keeps the party going until 3 am. This makes it a favorite with locals and foreigners who aren’t yet ready to call it a night.

The underground club gets busy especially on Friday and Saturdays, when the crowd comes to enjoy EDM music. Also, don’t forget to look up – it’s where you’ll see stage dancers dancing in cages 🙂

Price of a beer:70K VND (~$3.06)
Happy hour:Sun – Thu: until 11 pm
Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 10 pm – 3 am
More info:Hero Club’s Facebook page

Camelia Lounge

Camelia Lounge is one of the classier nightclubs in Hanoi. Located on the third floor of the Melia hotel, this luxury venue attracts party-goers from all over the world.

Their international DJs mostly play house music, and the club doesn’t close until 2 am.

Price of a beer:89K VND (~$3.89)
Happy hour:5 pm – 9pm
Opening hours:Sun – Thu: 5 pm – 2 am
Fri – Sat: 5 pm – 3 am
More info:Camelia Lounge’s Facebook page


Savage club, located in front of Tay Ho lake, has two sections. You can enjoy a relaxing drink in their lounge area, or head towards their “Boiler Room”, where you can party to techno music played by international DJs.

Price of a beer:50K VND (~$2.19)
Happy hour:None
Opening hours:Wed – Thu: 6 pm – 3 am
Fri – Sat: 6 pm – 5 am
Sun: 6 pm – 1 am
More info:Savage’s Facebook page

Playboy Establishment Hanoi

Located on the basement level of the Apricot Hotel, the waitresses at this place are dressed in sexy bunny costumes, complete with the iconic ears, tails, and cuffs.

You can take a picture with them, and there’s a show on every night with Broadway-style dance performances and burlesque acts.

Opening hours:Tue – Sat: 7 pm – 2 am
Sun: 7 pm – 12 am
More info:Playboy Establishment’s Facebook page

Base Bar

The featured picture at the top of this page also shows Base Bar

Base Bar is a lively club located at the heart of the Old Quarter. You get a free shot on entry, and you can try their $1 balloons filled with laughing gas for a quick thrill.

The club attracts a friendly crowd of locals and travelers, making it a great place to meet people while enjoying cheap beers and cocktails.

Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 5 pm – 2 am
More info:Base Bar’s Facebook page

Hanoi’s Bars

Themed bars and cocktails with a local twist, Hanoi has plenty of places which offer something special. Read on to learn about some of the best drinking spots in the city.

King Pirates Pub

King Pirates Pub

At King Pirates Pub you can dress up as a pirate and play the part. They specialize in rum-based cocktails, served by the owner herself.

Their Buy 2 get 1 Free cocktail promo is on all day, and you can gather a group of friends to try their Walk the Plank challenge – drink 5 rum shots in a row for a free t-shirt. It’s a fun group experience 🙂

Price of a beer:20K VND (~$0.88)
Happy hour:None
Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 2 am
More info:King Pirates Pub’s website

Mojito Bar & Lounge

Mojito Bar & Lounge

For some of the best cocktails and live music, head to the Mojito Bar & Lounge, near the La Siesta Trendy Hotel.

Their signature cocktail is The Pho, which uses soup as a main ingredient. It may sound strange, but it’s very tasty. The making of The Pho is a spectacle in itself, as the ingredients are poured through three different metal casks and lit on fire repeatedly to enhance the flavor.

Price of a beer:35K VND (~$1.53)
Happy hour:7 pm – 9 pm
Opening hours:Mon- Sun: 5 pm – 12 am
More info:Mojito Bar’s Facebook page

The Unicorn Pub

The Unicorn Pub

The Unicorn Pub specializes in Vietnamese-themed drinks like the Pho Cocktail and Com Cocktail, but they also offer classics such as mojitos and martinis.

Their extensive cocktail menu can be a bit overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to ask their staff for help. They’re always happy to give you personal recommendations.

Price of a beer:25K VND (~$1.09)
Happy hour:4:30 pm – 7 pm
Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 4 pm – 1 am
More info:Unicorn Pub’s Facebook page

Fat Cat Bar

Fat Cat Bar

If you enjoy people-watching with a cold beer in hand, head to Fat Cat Bar on Ta Hien Street. Located at the center of Hanoi’s famous beer corner, it’s an excellent place to watch the nightlife unfold.

Fat Cat is also extremely popular among travelers, making it a great place to meet new people and make friends.

Price of a beer:30K VND (~$1.31)
Happy hour:6 pm – 8 pm
Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 8 am – 12 am
More info:Fat Cat’s Facebook page

Binh Minh Jazz Club

Binh Minh Jazz Club

If you’re looking for some great music to unwind, head towards the Binh Minh Jazz Club, located behind the famous Opera House.

The owner is a brilliant saxophonist, and also a local jazz star. He and his students are the main acts most nights, although other prominent jazz musicians have been known to perform occasionally.

Price of a beer:75K VND (~$3.28)
Happy hour:5 pm – 8 pm
Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 5 pm – 12 am
More info:Binh Minh Jazz Club’s website

Jojo Bar

Jojo Bar

Jojo Bar is a hidden gem located in a little street inside the Old Quarter. It has a relaxed vibe, making it a great place to enjoy a quiet drink.

Unwind with their menu of shisha and cocktails, and make conversation with the locals, expats, and tourists who visit the place. The owners, a French couple, often come around to have a friendly chat.

Price of a beer:30K VND (~$1.32)
Happy hour:6 pm – 9 pm
Opening hours:Mon – Sun: 6 pm – 12 am
More info:Jojo Bar’s Facebook page


Whether you just want to have a quiet drink or join a bustling party, Hanoi has plenty of choices to fit your mood and style. This guide should’ve made it easier to pick a spot for a good night out.

Here’s to a great time in Hanoi! 🙂

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