Affiliate Disclosure

JourneyCompass is part of several affiliate networks. This means that some of the companies whose websites we link to pay us referral commissions when you buy something from them.

These affiliate links help us pay for the costs of running this website, and it supports future development.

Please be aware though, we started this website because we love travel, not to make money. Our number one goal is always to make your travel experience one to never forget, by guiding you to the best of what a destination to offer.

We never link to, endorse or recommend products and services solely for financial gain. We only recommend products and services that we feel provide great value to you.

That said, we greatly appreciate it when you choose to use our links to make a purchase, since this supports future development.

Some of the affiliate networks that we have partnered with are Agoda, and Klook. There will be others.

If you have any questions regarding this affiliate disclosure, please contact JourneyCompass here.