Paul Fournier
By Paul Fournier

Kyoto, Japan: An In-Depth 5-Part Travel Guide

​Kyoto is often referred to as Japan’s most beautiful city, thanks to its countless temples, shrines and traditional gardens. Many people go there to visit its iconic architectural attractions, spot elusive geishas, and of course, to experience the cherry blossoms in spring.

To help you on your way, I outline the essential things that you need to know below, ​and then link out to more in-depth articles on each topic.

​About Kyoto & Why To Visit

​Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a thousand years. It was one of the few Japanese cities that escaped World War II bombings, so you’ll find plenty of well-preserved temples, shrines and wooden machiya townhouses, contrasted against modern, bustling structures.

The city is a popular destination all year round, but it’s especially during the springtime cherry blossom season from March to April, and during autumn from October to November. If you’re planning to travel during these times, it’s best to make your accommodation bookings far in advance.

There are many reasons to visit Kyoto, but I personally love the city for all the unique culture that you get to experience, the wide variety of Japanese cuisine, as well as the beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons.

​Things To Do

​Quick info on things to do

​Where To Stay & Getting There

​Quick info on where to stay

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​The Bottom Line

​As you’ll ​probably soon find out​, Kyoto is a beautiful city which offers many timeless cultural experiences. I hope the guides linked on this page make it easier for you to plan the perfect trip! 🙂